An NPO (Non Profit Organization) or an association have quite different needs compared to your standard for – profit business. The needs are more like those of a stock corporation. There is usually many stakeholders interested in the results. That are why most bigger no’s and associations follow the Swiss GAAP FER 21 standards. We are here to help administrate and cater to your needs. To figure out where your best fit anywhere between a professional administration and basic bookkeeping. Our experience in the NonProfit area includes multiple years as an employee by a global NPO. As well as multiple years as CFO for a NPO in Zürich.

Our Services to an NPO or Association

Accounts Payable

Salary Administration Including Social Insurances

Accounts Receivable

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Liquidity Planning

Annual Settlement of the Accounts

Tax Consulting

Financial Statements

Tax Preparations

Personnel Administration

Vat Administration

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