Delegate your accounting

We can provide a wide range of accounting services custom tailored to your specific needs. From simple accounting on an annual basis for the small business owner to weekly accounting at your office including liquidity planning and interim statements, we can provide exactly what you need. A solid accounting is an important tool for every CEO and business owner. Careful and up to date accounting is important to correct financial statements. When financial statements are current and accurate reliable plans can be made and potential issues spotted early on. One of the biggest mistakes especially small business owners make is that, no matter how much they hate it, many insist upon handling the books themselves. Having a competent bookkeeper coming in to handle the books can be extremely beneficial, in that they have the skills to do the job quickly and efficiently, and will provide a second pair of eyes to find errors and make suggestions. Focus your time on what you do best and let us assist you. You may find that your customers, your family and you yourself are happier about your business. You ask, how much time will I have to invest into the administration? Basically almost none. What’s left for you to do is to lead the business and make the decisions.

Our Services

Planning, Development and Management of your Accounting

VAT Administration and Returns

Payroll Accounting

Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

Assistance and Monitoring of Bookkeeping Carried Out by the Client

Preparation of Your Annual Tax Return(s)

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Financial Planning, Budgeting and Liquidity Planning

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Our Software Solutions

Sage Start

Our recommendation, the tried and successful accounting software reinvented for online use. Built on a solid foundation Sage Start provides an online accounting solution that enables us to access your accounts remotely anytime we will be able to assist you immediately and directly. No screen sharing etc. necessary. We have direct and simultaneous access to your accounting solution and can help solve questions quickly. Bonus if you want do certain tasks such as invoicing directly in the software you can do so purchasing the smallest subscription. We have full access to all features in your accounts and can handle the rest for you at no licensing cost to you.


One of Switzerland’s up and coming accounting solutions. Almost exclusively electronic and online. You can send your documents to and Email or upload them with your smart phone camera, we will handle the accounting.

Your Software

About half of our clients work with their own Software solution tailored to their specific trade. Often times this includes some type of accounting system. We will gladly evaluate and consult whether the current software meets industry standards and happily work within your ERP.





The simplest of our Solutions for small businesses we work with Excel to prepare your annual statements in a way that conforms with regulations. Fast and efficient for our small businesses clients.

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