If you do not fall in the supplementary assessment category, you do not have to file a Swiss tax return. Congratulations!
If you believe that the wrong rate was applied or that you could claim additional deductions that the rate does not include , then you may file a source tax reassessment. In most cantons there is a non negotiable deadline on the 31st of March! Please contact us quickly if you would like to file a source tax reassessment.

Source tax reassessment

Reasons for filing may be

• Travel  Costs to return
• Educational Costs
• 3rd Pillar  pension Contribution
• 2nd Pillar pension Contribution
• Charitable Donations

• Interest  Paid on Debt
• Actual Cost Travel to Work
• Wrong Tariff Applied
• Support of Persons in Need of Assistance

• Disability Expenses
• Child Care Expenses
• Health Expenses(>4% Gross Salary)
• Alimony or Child Support Paid

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