Are you new to Switzerland? No idea how the tax system works? Our expertise is Swiss taxes so yours doesn’t have to be. Our main services include tax consulting and tax preparations, however if you just arrived we can consult with you on most financial/legal matters about living in Switzerland. We are looking forward to assisting you in filing your annual Swiss tax return. Careful tax planning can sometimes result in substantial tax savings. We’re looking forward to assisting you in your tax planning and filing your Swiss tax return.

Who needs to file a Swiss tax return?

If you hold a C- Permit, Swiss passport or are in Switzerland on another permit and exceed CHF 120,000 gross income annually then you need to submit a Tax Declaration, regardless of any taxes paid through your employer – We can take care of this submission for you. If you have an income below 120’000 in some cases it may still be profitable to file a tax return.

What are the Swiss income taxes and wealth tax?

In Switzerland individuals are taxed at their place of residence. Individual taxes are levied on both income and private assets.

How much in Swiss tax do I have to pay?

We will gladly calculate an estimate for you, however the most accurate figures are obtained while filing the return.

Some exceptions

If you are an Expat you may be “Taxed at the Source.” If you own a real estate in Switzerland you will be subject to the regular Swiss tax declaration.

Also if you are running a sole enterprise in Switzerland you will be subject to a regular Swiss tax return. Companies are taxed at their place of business or where they carry out their business activities. Corporate taxes are levied on profit tax and capital.

Ordinary Tax Return

Swiss Passport and C-Permit holders will have to file an ordinary tax return.

Supplementary Tax Return

All other Expats may be subject to a supplementary tax return. Essentially the same as the ordinary tax return but supplementary to withholding tax.

Source Tax Reassessment

If you are not eligible to file a supplementary return you still may reclaim some of your withholding tax paid through a source tax reassessment.

Sole Enterprise

If you are running a sole enterprise you will be subject to the ordinary tax return, however it is a little more complicated as the whole business needs to be included.

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